Pricing: Listing Fees

How much does it cost to post a listing?

Our philosophy is to keep listing fees to a minimum, with no hidden costs such as commission or booking fees. Please see the table below for more detailed information. Listings remain active for up to 12 months from the date submitted, can be updated at any time, and are renewable.

A Home Offered listing can be a property for rent, exchange, house sitting or sharing. Tenant Listings may also be posted to request a home to rent or house sit. Searching for listings and replying to offers is always free.

When you find a home or tenant using our site, paying your Made-a-Match Fee helps us keep our listing fees reasonable and our website free of advertising.

Home Offered Tenant Listing
Currency Home to: rent, exchange, sit, or share Looking to: rent, sit
Academic Non-Academic Academic Non-Academic
USD $45 $65 FREE $20
Listing Fee Euros €40 €55 FREE €15
(renewable every 12 months) Pounds £30 £40 FREE £10
Canadian CA$55 CA$80 FREE CA$25
Australian AU$55 AU$80 FREE AU$25
New Zealand NZ$60 NZ$85 FREE NZ$25
Made-A-Match Fee USD$50 due for each match

How do I pay for my listing?

Once your listing is submitted, you will be prompted to choose between paying by credit card (via PayPal) or by check. Listings are posted immediately. Most currencies are accepted, but please note that international rates may vary.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and checks. To proceed with payments login and click on My Payments and then click the Pay Now button next to your listing.

What if I would like to list more than one property?

Each property will have its own listing number and information. Listing and renewal fees apply to each property.

If you are an agent or broker, or have a property with multiple units, please contact us. Higher rates apply to commercial listings.

Who qualifies as an academic?

We qualify an academic as someone whose email is associated with a university, college, university-affiliated hospital, museum, research or other scholarly institution. A verification email will be sent to the email address to authorize academic status. Scholars who do not belong to an academic organization (retired educators, for example) may sign up as Independent Scholars, or contact us to inquire about qualifying for academic listing fees.

Sabbatical Homes' academic categories:

  1. Academic Faculty or Staff (Universities, Research Institutes, and Museums)
  2. Graduate or Post-Graduate Student – Must have a current university, research institute, museum or hospital email address
  3. School Teacher (Primary and Secondary) – Must have a current school email address
  4. Independent Scholar (working outside traditional academia) & Retired Academics – Please contact us.

What is a Made-a-Match Fee?

Made-a-Match fees of $50 are due each time you find a home or tenant using our site. These fees allow us to maintain our low listing fees and to keep our website free of advertising.

This ensures that will still be thriving for the scholars of tomorrow and that we can continue to grow and improve our service. Thank you for being a valued member!

How do I pay my Made-a-Match Fee?

You can make a payment online (with a credit card or via PayPal) or by sending a check.

Don’t forget to tell us about your success stories. We love to hear about our members’ great experiences!

Can I use a different currency?

Yes, most currencies are accepted, but please note that international rates may vary.

I’m in a coffee shop on a shared network; can I pay my Setup Fee later when I’m in a place with secure internet connection? And if I pay later, when will my listing be active?

Your listing will be active as soon as you post it, allowing you a grace period to make your payment.

I submitted a credit card payment online when I posted my listing, but it hasn’t registered yet. When will the charge submit?

Don’t worry, your listing(s) will remain active as we update your payment. Although rare, it’s possible to experience a lag in updating payment information. If over 24 hours have passed and the information still hasn’t been updated, please contact us.