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    We needed a place to stay to help my daughter get situated as a first year PhD student at the University of Cambridge. T [. . .]

    Dr. Jennifer Myers - Flint, MI, USA
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SabbaticalHomes.com is the academic community's resource for home exchange, home rental, house sitting and sharing opportunities, in addition to finding home tenants and sitters. As the leading internet-based directory for academic home matches across the globe, we've been proudly helping minds on the move since 2000.

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We provide a worldwide listing service for minds on the move that need to find or offer temporary accommodations. Members can post their property for home rental, exchange, sitting or sharing and can also register as a home tenant and/or sitter. Because our service is a directory for like-minded people to find a match, each member establishes his or her own listing price and terms of agreement. We offer many resources to facilitate this process for our members.

As a registered member of our community, you will be able to save your search results, create a list of favorites, keep track of queries, leave feedback about your experience, and much more. You can choose the extent of personal information you would like to share on your profile and your email will only be revealed to whomever you choose to contact.

How Much Does It Cost?

You will notice that we offer very low listing fees for academics to use our services. We feel it's important for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas. Posting a home offered listing is only US$45 for academics (US$65 for non-academics) and it is free for academics to post a home wanted listing (US$20 for non-academics). Listings remain active for up to 12 months, can be updated at any time, and are renewable. We accept payments in 24 currencies from 190 countries.

Success-based contributions are crucial to sustaining our low-fee, advertisement-free, specialized website service. Your generosity helps ensure that SabbaticalHomes.com will be maintained for the benefit of the scholars of tomorrow.