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Explore thousands of home rental and home exchange listings in cities large and small as well as true getaways in the countryside. You’ll find the ideal home in over 50 countries, some with the options of house sitting or home sharing. Staying in the personal comfort of another member’s place lets you experience the character of a real home. Start dreaming about your next sabbatical, research trip or extended travel!
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For scholars by scholars.

When she created in 2000, founder Nadege Conger envisioned the website as a way for scholars to connect, arrange affordable housing and find trustworthy tenants. Today, is still run by the founder and a creative team of hard-working, enthusiastic and diverse individuals.

This thriving hub of home and tenant listings is a unique resource with a trusted community. As the leading international directory for academic home rentals, home exchanges, house sitting, and home sharing opportunities, SabbaticalHomes makes it possible for Minds on the Move to live, work and stay all over the world. Most home listings are available furnished to ease the transition of relocating, going on leave or traveling. Search our website to find the perfect home or tenant!

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I am so grateful for Sabbatical Homes. I love providing a place where families feel comfortable and safe, and a base from which they can branch out into their studies at the university, attend local middle and high schools, travel in the US, and all kinds of other adventures. I loved the time I spent in this house with my own family and I love that I can host people in this space. I’ve had wonderful experiences with SabbaticalHomes guests. Thank you so much for your vision...and for continuing the service over the years.

Lisa Onodera

Berkeley, CA, USA

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