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Born into a family where my father could have been my mother's father, and where my parents were children of customary adoption, I grew up a storyteller in the midst of storytellers and talented crafters. Being able to respond to listeners' call for stories was modeled by example. And so, being steeped in the tradition, I became a teller of “familying” that is founded in mythologies and other ceremonial lore.

After our children were in full-day school I resigned from Advertising and began Professional studies to revitalize an endangered language, culture and ways of life through children's culture for adults who had lost their roots or their way in the gaps. In this context, the Arts are a "Healing Medicine", a pattern-map for Children's culture when it goes missing due to well-intentioned but harmful adult surveillance, programming, interventions and other socializations that disrupt child-spirit life and that freedom of being. Now grown, our children from our blended family are on their own in Canada and the USA in other states. I am in New York.

My practice translates alternate ways of seeing and knowing through the languages of imagery in ancestral memory and/as Presence. I transliterate complex concepts to relatable terms through play for personal, interpersonal and social healing. And so I am a catalyst, showing others how to tease out their own ancestral memory and truly enjoy what they do as I do, as a practice of generosity and mutual-gifting.

House-sitting in your home while you are on sabbatical will enable me to focus on redirecting and writing my dissertation, to reinstate for the oral defense and to perform that successfully. I am a gentle soul and an excellent tenant with no vices, except perhaps my passion for storying and restor(y)ing, and will care for your home, indoor and outdoor garden plants/yard as they deserve and in respect of your instructions, identify and create a garden inventory. In Canada, in addition to our own home with a .25 acre garden, I had managed two rental properties, bungalows with basement apartments for my partner's family. I can also offer fine hand-sewing and mending and/or transcription or editing that you may require in work-exchange. I am vegetarian. You shall have peace of mind, and the satisfying knowledge also that you have helped me achieve completing for Mid-September 2020 and to convocate and work in my field of healing personal and social issues through the arts, history and mythologies.

Having great respect for other people’s property, I am an honest, healthy, mature person of peace and integrity. I have managed my own property and do regard home as a sacred place and space that is organized and orderly. Your home will receive that care while serving as the home away from home that I love that loves me. I would very much appreciate this well-needed time and space for the work, balanced with rest and the arts.

I recently lost my phone. My new number is 646.238.3851. You can also reach me at tmclprevost@gmail.com; with appreciation for your thoughtful consideration, I am, respectfully, L

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New York

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I'm an artist-socoiologist storykeeper. Born and raised between the Intercontinental Mainlands and the Kairibe (Caribbean), I've lived in "Middle" America which is the "navel" of the Americas and also for school and work in North America (Canada and USA), Trinidad, Jamaica and visited Guyana. I love plants and gardens, forest or woodlands conservation areas and parklands as these sanctuaries have their own song and are free of the busyness of urban life. In my practice of storying and restor(y)ing as a way of life, I serve as a catalyst. I revel in standing on the morning grass, breathing the breeze off rivers, lakes or seas, singing, dancing, gardening, baking artisan bread, and putting together vegetarian meals. If I had to choose one animal to express my love of life, I would have to resort to a different category system and choose 2 categories: quadrupeds and birds. If we move in more closely by focus that would be horses who, in the mythologies, legends and folklores, are equivalent with other quadrupeds and with two trees grafted together by inosculation; and then, macaws who are equivalent with herons, hummingbirds, and are colourful equivalents for flowers, leaves and insects. I work with World/Native musics and also Popular musics as alternate patterning(s). My husband loves Jazz music (his granddad was a musical agent) and is artist-designer of graffitti inspired themes, a social justice blogger. His work keeps him away on the road most of the time and this choice works well for us. Looking forward to meeting you! Ever, Lois


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