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Soon-to-be-married PhD candidates looking for quiet abode

My fiancé and I are both PhD candidates in the English Department at UNC - Chapel Hill, where we focus primarily on 19th-century American literature and where we also teach undergraduate courses in the English dept. We will be getting married in June 2021, and are looking to begin moving into our own new abode in May 2021. (The lease on our current house, which we share with another colleague in the English dept., ends in June, and we are hoping to be able to begin the moving process in May to give us time to complete the moving process while also preparing for our wedding.) By the time we are married, we will both be solidly in the dissertation-writing phase of our degrees, and are thus looking to find a quiet and clean abode surrounded by nature to help us ensure we have a space that is conducive to research and writing. We both spend quite a lot of time working from home, and so our home-space is very important to us. We have two middle-aged, well-behaved cats, Cappuccino and Alpuccino, who love to sit with us as we work; they are wonderful muses / mewses. We are both quiet, responsible tenants who believe in the importance of maintaining our home space and paying rent and utilities on-time; we have been tenants in many different places since our undergraduate years. When not working, I enjoy practicing yoga at home, and my fiancé enjoys cycling on country roads; we also both love to take long walks and talk about our ideas. Since our academic work is so central to our lives, we are hoping to find a suitable place through Sabbatical Homes that is conducive to our academic lifestyle; we are hoping to be able to rent such a place during our first year of marriage, and possibly into a second year. (By year three, we are hoping to graduate, at which point we will move within or outside of North Carolina, purchase our own home, and begin the process of starting a family.)

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Available from Monday, May 17, 2021 until Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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if possible, we would love to find a place that may be open to us having our lease end June 2023

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Chapel Hill

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United States of America
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UNC - Chapel Hill
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Duke University
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quiet, natural setting, near UNC or Duke

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My fiancé (soon-to-be husband) and I are looking for quiet, clean, and nature-surrounded abode to move into in May 2021. I am currently a PhD candidate in English at UNC - Chapel Hill; my fiancé is also currently a PhD candidate in English at UNC. We both teach in the English dept. in addition to conducting our research. We also both focus primarily on 19th-century American literature. I focus on critical animal studies, histories of natural science, and poetics, whereas my fiancé (who is also a published poet) focuses on gemstones, poetics, and gender. I'm originally from south Louisiana, where I received my BA in English at LSU; I received my MA in English at the University of Missouri, and now I am happy to call North Carolina home. My fiancé is originally from Oregon; he received his BA at BYU in Utah and his MFA (in poetry) at Colorado State--he is also happy to call North Carolina home now. He has traveled widely across Europe and has also traveled in Japan. We are getting married in June 2021 and are looking to move into our first home in May 2021 (our lease on our current place ends in June, and we'd like time to move and prepare for the wedding simultaneously!). We both spend a lot of time researching at home and prefer quiet spaces surrounded by nature (we really admire birds and deer in particular). We have two sweet middle-aged cats, Cappuccino and Alpuccino, who love to sit with us when we are working at home and who are really wonderful muses / mewses in general. We are very much hoping to find a suitable place for us to reside in during our first year of marriage (and even perhaps for a second year?), and hope that we may find such an abode through Sabbatical Homes! We would prefer to live in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, but we are also open to the Durham and Hillsborough areas.


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