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Artist-Sociologist in Restor(y)ing

Storying and Restor(y)ing and its diverse forms is my life. Multi-arts practice in families as an inheritance and life-strategy is my passion. Understandings of the variations in anisogamic marriage and family wholeness, of the commonalities of intergenerational children's culture, is rare.

My grandparents and great-grandparents were family storykeepers, tellers and talented crafters in their own right. And so I became an artist-teller of collected stories on world tribal mythologies, legends, and other lores on Yohotoa (Familying). The Dual B.A. (Hons.) in English Creative Writing & Humanities (1996); teaching as a guest artist; an M.Ed. in Theory & Policy Studies in Educational Philosophy (arts narratives, faithkeeping, games and play) and Professional, Academc, and Life-coaching (2013) are useful. Social Justice in Karadahu Iatabe (Arts) practice was full-time from 2004 to 09, accompanied by fieldwork in Creativity & Literacies, the Arts, Memory, Health, and Bilingual Native & English, ASL, French, Spanish, Asian, and Africentric Language Learning. A unforeseen matter pushed back the thesis defense and what could be salvaged took precedence. What was left but that on our honour, that Scout's Try, Guide's Try, Cowboy's Try. I remember that no one ever breathed their last with, "I wish I'd spent more time on my career. Yet this is my choice, perhaps in a strange way, for Family's sake.

Gardening: Naturalized, Landscaped, Native species, Orchids, Hydroponics, Propagation, Fruit, Vegetable, Edible Flowers, Orchards.
Music: Any era/genre; Ethnodoxologies
Art: Any era; Vernacular Architecture, Rupestrian & Earth Art, Optical Illusions
Food: Artisan breads, fry breads; fruit/vegetable salads, vegetarian raw or cooked; Nutraceuticals
Reading: Everything
Approach: Cross-Disciplinary, Multi-Modal
Project Mgt: Corporate & Academic; Personal, Professional & Academic Life-Coaching.
A sample portfolio can be provided

Educated in the British System and as a mixed-origin person, family is a key value for me. Home is sacred place of retreat, rest, organization, and order. Whether buying (renting) or sitting, your home will receive that excellent personal care and respect of the mythical:magickal proportions by which I live and care.

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Available from Monday, February 1, 2021 onward
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New York

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United States of America
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Columbia University
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City University of New York Campuses, Suny Downstate
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Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan

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I'm an author artist academic from Canada. My area is English Creative Writing and Humanities through Arts approaches in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Via Contact Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics, Translation and “Faux Amis Phenomena”, I examine influences in choose who we shall become as that “Splendid:Blended Soul in translation” in a web that has no weaver of cross-disciplinary inquiry, multi-modal approaches to family learning through the arts as Little Ones of mixed roots and cultures. In the USA where I live, I myself became unawares a sort of mythic creature, blissfully naïve and content to be unpaid, that wife and homemaker serving by pro bono advising across our communities as a work of life. After life changing events forced me to drop out of the thesis race, my priorities had to be adjusted and recalibrated. How to learn to move confidently and with elegance. I've resumed reviewing and rewriting my dissertation. I'm looking for a comfortable place where that born:teacher:writer:artist that I am can participate and reclaim the myth-aphorisms of the agriculturalist from the core, myself a composite many-fruited tree, or a creature of many origins like the Nabagunjara. The freeplay in arts approaches is the nectar of the soul, “the thief of innocence” as my brother says of his son who crossed to our ancestors at seven. I work with optical, aural and oral illusions, world musics, heraldry, and all forms of patterning as alternate languages of imagery reinvoking peace and mythic and magical transfer interchanges that are self-replenishing from ancient to present times.


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