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Home Exchange Expert Blog
Travel thrills Shelley Miller, the home exchange expert. She describes her personal home exchange adventures as the richest experiences of her life. Through her blog, Miller sets out to share her passion, ideas and knowledge for successful home exchanging. - a global community of educators, sharing travel experiences.
This useful website was launched in the summer of 2007 by Jessie Voigts in international education, and her husband who teaches classes and coaches. Articles are edited by an eclectic group of traveling educators, bent on sharing their passion for travel with like-minded individuals. provides information on different cultures around the world, things to do with kids, and family friendly accommodations. This can be a valuable resource for our members planning a sabbatical with kids.

Academic Job Openings back to top

International Professor Exchange
Through IPE, professors and lecturers may arrange for short or long term job exchanges between universities around the world.

Insight Into Diversity
Formerly Affirmative Action Register (AAR), a leading national equal opportunity employment magazine and website that connects employers to professionals who are seeking jobs, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual preference or disability. For more than 30 years, AAR has provided progressive businesses and institutions with a forum to find employees who represent the dynamic kaleidoscope of our country’s population. There is an academic faculty and staff section.

Academic Careers Online
Global interactive database for full & part-time and visiting career opportunities at colleges and universities around the world.

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Scam artists using fake names and by-passing

Please be aware of this. A scam artist using the pseudonym of Anne Magen (or Lowell Nelson or Fatemeh Haghighi or Somayeh Pouyanfard or Max Spivey or Arnold Ute) or the name of reputable scholars targets members requesting housing. To avoid detection, the individual by-passes our system and contacts members directly using publicly available university contact information. Please be aware of people bypassing our system.

As always, please check the references of ANY PERSON you are dealing with. Expect clear answers to your questions. If the replies are not clear, be suspicious. Do NOT SEND A COPY OF YOUR ID papers like your passport before being sure about whom you are communicating with (Skype is an option) or your name will be used next.

BEWARE of persons offering to send a genuine-looking (but fake) cashier's check
1) The scammers pretend they want to rent your home. They send you a generic message and are usually in a hurry.

2) The scammers offer to send a cashier's check as a deposit usually above the rental fee.

3) The scammers ask you to wire them money expecting you will not try to cash their bogus check in the meanwhile.

4) No one at has fallen for this scam but BEWARE

by 6/25/2006

Listing highjacking is a growing problem


Listing highjacking is a growing problem

As the internet listings becomes a more popular method for property rental transactions, the risk of being scammed by one increases. A well-known Nigerian scam has taken a new form, which has on its guard.

Scam description: what typically happens

The scammer finds an internet listing then cuts and pasts its description and pictures into a rental ad typically on the Craigslist web site any other free listing sites. The scammer posts the information as his own and often claims to be a religious individual on a mission for God. He leaves an email address (free email account) which could pass for the name of the legitimate lister and an untraceable cell phone number. He counts on naïve and desperate people in need of housing to respond to the high-jacked advert. The ultimate goal is to steal deposit and advanced rental money from them. It is not clear what police departments and authorities are doing to combat this scam.

Consequences for legitimate listers:

• No harm is done to our listers. However, it would be inconvenient to have someone at your doorstep who assumes they have rented your home. No one has yet reported such incident.

What can a lister do:

• Do not reveal your exact address in your listing
• If your listing is only available at, say so in your description.
• Report any suspicious duplicate of your listing immediately to the web site posting it and to us. To find out if your listing is highjacked, copy some of the listing and paste it into a search engine to see if the information has been posted on any other sites.

Additional resources

Here are some accounts of rental website users who have fallen victim to this new highjacking scam and their suggestions as to how to prevent being scammed.

Virginia Tech off Campus Housing (VTOCH) issues a scam alert
The Blacksburg Police Department has confirmed a number of complaints regarding a scam that targets students and landlords via email requests to rent/lease property. Please be cautious of potential renters and subtenants who contact you by email expressing a desire to rent your property sight-unseen. Never issue refunds for overpayment on security deposits, first month’s rent, or utilities until you are certain that the initial check you received has cleared (International checks can take longer than domestic). If your rental or property is in the Town of Blacksburg and you suspect Internet fraud, contact the Blacksburg Police Department. For more information on this and other kinds of Internet fraud, please visit the link below.

by Virginia Tech University

Emory's Off Campus Listing Service Issues a Scam Alert
Landlord's are cautioned that we have recently experienced situations where potential tenants try to convince you to accept checks or money orders and then refund part of the money to them. Please understand that there is a well established SCAM frequently used on eBAY where people receive fake money orders which they are able to deposit successfully. Unfortunately their bank calls a few days later to give them the bad news and take back the deposited funds. These are usually arrangements from international sources and the con artist has some reason for you to hurry and give them the money. There may be very good and honest reasons to ask for these types of favors, but we wanted to warn you to use your best judgement. IT IS BECOMING VERY POSSIBLE TO FABRICATE A FAKE MONEY ORDER THAT CAN GET DEPOSITED OR CASHED AT MANY BANKS! Unfortunately, the bank will figure this out and come back to you for the money within a few days.

by Emory's Off Campus Housing Services

Cashier's check scam
The article is related to selling a car but has a section on cashier's check scams.

Example of fraudulent request - sending a bogus check in the hope of receiving money back
Thanks for the quick response. I will be gladly like to inform you that my organiser aftermuch agreed to pay the requested amount of { $2400 PAYMENT FOR THE FIRST MONTH RENT AND ITS DEPOSIT STARTING FROM MY MOVING IN DATE WHICH WILL BE ON THE 5TH OF FEB} and my staying will be for a year,which will also be paid on the first of every month.Also it might be of your interest to know that a check will be issued to you in an excess amount,in which after you might have deduct your original amount will be sent to me via western union transfer.The excess amount is meant for my travelling allowance,feeding and other expenses. kindly get back to me with the underlisted information so that the payment can be issued out asap. NAME ON CASHIERS CHECK FULL CONTACT ADDRESS HOME PHONE NUMBER MOBILE PHONE NUMBER Also i will be moving into the apartment on 5th of feb and will be very honoured if you could furnish me with the required details so that we can proceed on payment.I am coming from the uk, England. am 24yrs and i studied fine and creative art from the LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY which i have graduated,here is my present address below.. 91 weaverly road london se18 7th united kingdom.i await the details.cheers

by a typical scammer

Advice from Harvard Magazine: Question the legitimacy of each offer to rent your home
Here is what Harvard Magazine is telling their classifieds users:

Dear Harvard Magazine classifieds advertiser,
It has been brought to our attention that some of you have received fraudulent email from people claiming to want to rent your properties. We advise you to take some precautions, as with any transaction on the internet. Here are some tips below:
-Confirm contact information
Be particularly wary of renters willing to book your place without any questions, especially renters located overseas. Always verify the buyer's street address and phone number.
-Verify that a certified check is genuine.
Before you deposit a certified check, verify authenticity with the issuing bank-not just your bank. Make sure the account contains sufficient funds and the issuing bank guarantees payment on the check. It may take a week or more for the check to clear. It hasn't cleared just because your bank has accepted it and credited your account.
-Beware of overpayment or other complicated payment schemes
Don't agree to any plan where the buyer asks to send a check for more than the rental price and requests that the seller refund the difference. And be suspicious of any renter who proposes making payment through a friend or agent of the renter. advice: Never send money without checking references first

Find a few good questions below

Before I consider transfering any money to your bank account I need to receive verifiable information about you and your company: first of all, what is your name? Second, for whom do you work and where is your company registered and where does it have its headquarters? Third, I need a contract in which the location of the flat and its detailed description is enclosed -- and some answers to my questions below...etc...

Recognizing Scammers

. they are almost always in a hurry

. many cannot spell

. they will be unable to give you verifiable references

. they use Western Union, Money Gram, cashier's checks, money orders

. they will be unable to meet you in person

If you come across such individuals, please email us at

Reporting Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (

FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)

FTC online complaint form (

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (

Please email us at to report a fraud attempt or a suspected scammer.

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Rental, sublease and home-exchange Agreement Packs back to top

US Landlord and Tenant Forms
Fee-based and US centric. This service provides state specific Lease, Lease Application, Reference Check Consent, Pre and Post Inventory Checklist, Lead Paint Disclosure, Welcome Letter etc.

Self-help legal publisher for the UK - includes section on property letting.

Off Campus housing sites back to top

    Australia back to top

University of New South Wales
Useful links from UNSW Human Resources.

The Australian National University
Housing Online is a free service to assist ANU students and staff to find rental accommodation.

    Canada back to top

Carleton University
Housing listings and local information.

McGill - Montreal, Quebec
Useful housing links and resources.

McMaster University Off-Campus Resource Centre
Full of pertinent information about housing near McMaster. Serves primarily as a rental listing service for landlords.

Ryerson University
Offers valuable information about living in Toronto (eg: cost of living, rental agreement) and housing options.

Simon Fraser University
Listings of wanted and available accommodations.

University of Manitoba
Special Sabbatical vacancies
Many on-line listings for off-campus housing
Map of Winnipeg

University of Waterloo
Housing for Staff & Faculty.

Western University (Ontario)- Housing
London, Ontario, offers a broad range of housing options across the city. Whether you are interested in owning, building or renting, there are a number of ideal communities and housing options available to you, as well as services to assist in the process.

    Norway back to top

University of Oslo
A stay abroad requires good planning and a number of practical preparations, especially if you are staying abroad for a longer period and will be accompanied by your family. Here, University of Oslo provides you with a checklist, UiO-specific information and links to websites with further information.

Euraxess Norway
Finding suitable accommodation during your stay in Norway might prove difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, you should start your search for housing as soon as your plans for a research stay have become definite.

    Switzerland back to top

Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities
Autres possibilités: services de logements pour étudiant(e)s.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Housing office--accommodations for academics.

    UK back to top

London Business School
London Business School links to London entertainment, culture, news and accommodations.

University of Edinburgh Accommodation Services
Hotel, suite and bed and breakfast options for staff.

University of Leeds
Information on student and staff housing.

York University Faculty Association
Members Announce provides YUFA members with a place to post information - events, classifieds - of interest or helpful to other members.

    USA back to top

        California back to top

UC Santa Barbara Materials Research Laboratory
A faculty, student, and visitor's resource for long-term housing options.

University of California, Berkeley
Useful links to local information and guides as well as housing information.
One-time fee to subscribe to housing listings.
Additional sections for short-term, summer and post-doctorate visitors.

San Francisco State University
Links to local housing resources.

University of California, Los Angeles - Engineering
Information for new faculty, including useful resources for moving, relocation, mortgages, and rentals.

University Of Southern California
USC Academic Senate Housing Exchange Program

University of California, Santa Barbara
UCSB Faculty and Staff have numerous housing alternatives available in the community. The Faculty Housing Office provides housing assistance designed specifically for Faculty in the areas of relocation counseling assistance and referrals, home purchase assistance and For Sale housing.

        Illinois back to top

Northwestern University
Office of human resources housing and additional resources.

        Maryland back to top

Johns Hopkins University - Off-Campus Housing
Available to all Johns Hopkins affiliates, has all types of rental properties around Baltimore.

        Massachusetts back to top

Wellesley College
Useful links for academic real estate networks.

        Michigan back to top

Michigan State University
Many great on-campus accommodation options, off-campus listings available.

        Minnesota back to top

University of Minnesota - Housing
Living close to the university, rentals, temporary housing and additional resources.

        New York back to top

NYU Medical Center/NYU School of Medicine
Off Campus Housing Assistance Program

        North Carolina back to top

NC State University
A number of short-term and long-term housing options around the NC State campus. NC State University Office of International Services has compiled a list of resources and helpful websites to aide you in your search as well as tips on what to be mindful of when renting in the U.S.

        Pennsylvania back to top

Swarthmore College: Provost's Office
Sabbatical support, funding, and housing resources.

Other housing resources back to top

    House-sitting back to top

The Caretaker Gazette
Publication dedicated to property caretaking and housesitting opportunities, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners.

Student Exchange Programs back to top

IIE Passport

Fulbright Web Online
An online community bringing together Fulbright students, scholars, alumni, and the program's professional support network worldwide.