I did find another tenant-an academic from Maryland and I also got an enormous number of inquiries, many of which seemed quite suitable. I have put a couple of people in touch with SabbaticalHomes.com and they are delighted to have discovered you. You do perform a wonderful service. I have always been very fortunate with tenants. I have found them respectful of my place. I think this is because it is quite well appointed and the rent for London is relatively low. But I also try to meet the tenants or at least speak to them on the phone before I accept them. I write very detailed notes about the place. I think making it clear that the place is my second home and therefore I expect people to respect it is a good thing. I also try to commit people to the community. I have an excellent neighbour who is 86 and I ask all the new tenants to go and visit her and they do and she loves all the people who live in my place. My brother lives in the same street as my place and if he is there he always visits them or phones them at the beginning of the stay and puts flowers to welcome them. But he is otherwise very non intrusive. I don’t have an inventory and except for a couple of spoons, which are very easy to throw away by mistake, I have never lost anything. I try to make tenants feel responsible. I make it clear that they have to solve problems so that if the phone isn’t working they have to phone the telephone company and get the problem fixed. I cant as I live in Australia. Or if the washing machine breaks down they have to get it fixed. Of course I leave a list of tradespeople and my brother always helps out when thing go wrong but I like the tenants to feel responsible too. Thank heavens for Email is all I can say. I think the art of having a good tenant is being a good owner. And that’s true with all services! I hope these few comments are helpful.


Dr. Sara Graham


University of New South Wales


Sydney, Australia