Within 24 hours I had three responses to my listing -- one from Pennsylvania and one from Hawa'ii. I think either of them would be fine -- we are corresponding. Still to be heard from is Norway. All three wanted exactly the time frame the apartment is available. I could tell you so many stories about past years; one family from South Africa visited me on Cape Cod, their first trip there. Another overlapped with me for a week or so, and I and my cat became best friends with their little girl. All families were visiting academics, and my apartment was perfectly situated for them. And we've all enjoyed one another! I am so impressed with the way the site looks, and how SabbaticalHomes.com has grown -- you should be very proud of yourself, thinking of all the people you've helped. I have a SabbaticalHomes.com couple in my condo now -- the wife is on sabbatical at Northeastern University -- and they are as wonderful as all the tenants I've gotten through you. I'm a number one fan!


Aylette Jenness


Cambridge, MA, USA