Last year, I got quite continuous inquiries for renting my house in Kyoto, Japan. Among them, a scholar from Oxford with her family (with 2 small children) decided to stay my house from December to April this year. Since they loved renovated houses, my house seemed a good choice for them. They enjoyed some Japanese seasonal events, such as New Year, Girls' festival, and Children's Day, one of the children attended International School near the house, and they enjoyed the neighbourhood (although none of them speaks English well!). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their stay was eventually extended until June, but I think I was very lucky to have such a lovely family for such a long period. We often exchanged emails and talked about life in Japan, Japanese old houses, and anything regarding the house. We became good friends, thanks to SabbaticalHomes.com. It was a really nice renting experience for me.


Dr. Kazumi Okamoto


Kyoto, Japan