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Beehive Faculty/Artist Community, Walk to Georgetown University

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Listing #132929

House | Private Space
Rates from USD $975 | Monthly
Last Updated 2 days ago


Join other faculty-level scholars, artists-in-residence, research fellows, etc. in this welcoming "beehive" house. I use the word beehive because people come and go for a day, a week, or a semester or so. The number of people in the house may vary while you are here. It is based very loosely on a House of Studies model. The house features peaceful common spaces, shared meals when possible and desired, interfaith meditation, and facilitation of study, writing, and publishing. If you don't know Washington well, then welcome because I'm a DC native who loves sharing my city. Because I have worked at Georgetown University for 20+ years, I can help you make the important professional relationships you seek during your time in Washington. Personal introductions from this house can help open up a Georgetown world for you that many others have said they found quite difficult to penetrate. Also, this neighborhood can be SO expensive, and I can help you with that. It has one of the highest cost-of-living indexes in the nation, so very few Georgetown faculty members actually live here. They live far away and commute long distances! That's much of why I started this house: to create a haven for scholars that is affordable and comfortable, yet only steps from campus. **IMPORTANT: I do not make money on the house,** but instead run it through an academic not-for-profit with the goal of keeping each place as affordable as possible. Your contribution (it is NOT rent) includes everything I could think of to keep your costs lower. We are smoke-free, alcohol moderate (wine and beer), and vegetarian-friendly (meaning we can adapt with respect). Two cats and a nine-year-old standard poodle live on the main and upstairs floors. A housekeeping service comes once a month. The best thing about this house isn’t the accommodations themselves (basic, although they're fine). It’s in the people. Us. We’re such friendly, quiet-ish scholars, and we’re here to share our university and city, and also the culture of a contemplative, writing life. We have daily meditation. University guests and neighbors will sometimes come over for meals. Historic Georgetown Visitation Monastery is just steps away, and if you want to you can join me when I attend mass there with the semi-cloistered nuns. There are also many other places you can go (Presbyterian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim... DC has so much...) If your time in Washington is brief, I can help you make the most of it. My dream is to eventually have a wall of this house filled with photos of people who have lived here and shared our table, our meditation space, and our vision for community.

Private Space Offered




2,315 ft2

Suited For

Property Type

Comments: This is a beehive house with six spaces for faculty-level scholars and other sorts of interesting folks (people in religious life, artists-in-residence, etc.). Impermanent by beautiful design, fascinating... peaceful people come and go. No students.


From June 12, 2021 until May 31, 2027

Minimum Stay

1 Day | Dates are flexible for this listing

Comments: Stay for a night, a week, a semester. This is a beehive model for peaceful, scholarly, contemplative, friendly types. Two cats and a nine-year-old standard poodle live here. Sometimes you will have a private bathroom, sometimes it will be shared.


Private Space in a House in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Closest University

Georgetown University

Nearby Universities
American University, George Washington University, Dumbarton Oaks | Howard University


Nearby Cities

Arlington | Chevy Chase

Comments: Two cats and a quiet, nine-year-old standard poodle live here. You can meditate with them! A bus next to the house will take you to Dupont Circle, downtown, or the Sibley Hospital area.


  • On Campus
  • Off Campus
  • Walk to Campus
  • Bike to Campus
  • Urban
  • Writer's Sanctuary
  • Near Park
  • Near Restaurants
  • Near Shops
  • Near Public Transportation

Rental Rates and Terms

Rates from USD $975 Monthly | Negotiable

Utilities are included

A cleaning service is included

Comments: Includes utilities, furnishings, internet, housekeeping, and simple food shared with community. Why so cheap in Georgetown? 501c3 nonprofit, and scholars may come and go here, so we ask you to be cheerful and flexible.


Ask about the suitability of the home for young kids

Ask about bringing pets

Smoking is not allowed

Ask about the availability of a car

Comments: Once we've had an interview, we can discuss any special considerations.





High Speed Internet



Cable or Satellite


Balcony or Patio




Temperature Control

Air Conditioning











Comments: Cable with your choice of channels! Two pieces of gym equipment. Most people who live here do not bring cars, or need them.


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