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    1 - 2 of 2 Home Exchanges in or around Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

  • Listing #138426

    Rental Exchange

    Lovely two bedroom apartment – quiet leafy area, close to universities

    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Close to University of Edinburgh

    Available Dates

    August 19, 2021 - January 2, 2022

    Exchange with

    Vancouver, Canada

    Posted By Academic Faculty or Staff
    Last Updated Yesterday
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  • Listing #144907


    3-Bed Flat in Central Edinburgh for 21/22 academic year

    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Close to Edinburgh Napier University

    Available Dates

    June 30, 2021 - July 1, 2022

    Exchange with

    Bilbao, Spain

    Madrid, Spain

    Zaragoza, Spain

    Flexibility Also open to any other destination
    Posted By School Teacher
    Last Updated 107 days ago
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