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Tenant Searching for a Place in Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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Looking for an Entire Home | Willing to Housesit
Monthly Budget: Maximum CAD $1000
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Hello all, Please note - the address I have listed is my own home in Canada, since this site requires me to select an actual point on the world map. With the uncertainty of travel restrictions for the foreseeable future, some of you may find it challenging to secure a long term tenant for your year away. If you are unable to find a suitable tenant and want to ease your mind by having a mature and conscientious individual live in and care-take your home, please know that I am an ideal choice. I am an experienced home owner, and would be pleased to take care of your home in the short or long term. I am a 49 year old Toronto area high school teacher, and will be taking a 1-2 year unpaid sabbatical beginning September 2021. I am calm, quiet, low key, intelligent, responsible, accountable, intuitive, discreet, and a proactive problem solver. I am incredibly neat and tidy, and keep a very clean and organized house. Open and direct communication is my style. I have a finite budget and am able to contribute a small amount to the operating costs of your home. I am seeking an arrangement beginning in the fall 2021, and can be very flexible in my dates (move-in and/or move-out). Please contact me for further information. I can provide many references, credit check, proof of employment/income, and all the usual due diligence type assurances. Cheers, Heather




1 ft2

Suited For

Property Type
House, Apartment or Condo, Studio or Loft, Guest House

Tenant Timing

From October 1, 2021 until July 1, 2023

Estimated Duration

1 Day | My dates are flexible

Comments: I am flexible with move in/out dates

Desired Location

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Comments: anywhere


  • On Campus
  • Off Campus
  • Walk to Campus
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Countryside
  • Writer's Sanctuary
  • Historic Home
  • Architectural Gem
  • Near Ocean or Lake
  • Near Mountains
  • Near Woods
  • Near Restaurants
  • Near Shops
  • Near Public Transportation

Tenant Budget and Terms

Maximum CAD $1000 Monthly

I do not need to have utilities included


I prefer smoking allowed in the home

House Sitting

I am willing to housesit

Yes, I can help with pets

Yes, I can help with mail and deliveries

Yes, I can help with plants or garden




Semi Furnished


High Speed Internet



Balcony or Patio








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1 Adult

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About Me

I am a 49 year old Canadian secondary school teacher, and will begin a 1-2 year unpaid sabbatical in September 2021. I am looking for house-sits anywhere in the world, so I can immerse myself and become a part of your neighbourhood. I want to stay long enough to feel like a local. Especially open to Spanish speaking countries, as one of my goals is to become a fluent speaker! I am a home owner myself and understand how to effectively maintain a property. I am proud of my own house and would strive to keep your home up to the same standard. I can garden, cook, tend to home maintenance, trouble shoot any issues, care for pets and generally live in your home to keep it pristine until your return. I am responsible, reliable, trust-worthy, conscientious, kind, thoughtful, generous, genuine and take the initiative whenever I see the opportunity to do so. Please contact me if you feel I would be suitable to care for your home. I am up to any offers, for stays in any country. I am happy to provide you with references, credit check, proof of income/employment, and available for online conferencing to help you feel secure that I would be a good fit for your home. Best regards.



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