Our Family of Four Would Love to Live in your Greater Burlington Area Home!

Tenant Searching for a Place in Burlington, Vermont, United States

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Looking for an Entire Home | Willing to Housesit
Monthly Budget: Minimum USD $1000 | Maximum USD $3000
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Our family of four (mom-- New York Times bestselling author; dad-- history book editor and massage therapist; 11yo-- a dancer, artist and straight A student-- and 3yo-- kind, funny and smart) is leaving our home of 20 years in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn in search of fresh air and open skies during this pandemic! Miranda has been coming to Mallets Bay since she was born-- the Burlington area is one of our favorite places on earth. We will be podding up with Miranda's parents (who still own the family cabin off of Clay Point Road) and Miranda's sister's family, who are moving from California in July via RV. We will be in Vermont for the year (and perhaps beyond?) starting in August (and could be there in July if need be), but are extremely flexible about when we could start staying in, or renting, your home, since our family's cabin will accommodate us until cold weather hits (when the toddlers will need a little space from each other). For that same reason, we could easily vacate your home sometime in the spring, if you'll be needing it then (since the cabin won't feel quite so cozy for our families once the weather is warm enough to spend some of each day outside). We have been very careful, attentive tenants in our Brooklyn rental for the 20 years we've lived there, and are excited about this new adventure. We hope our flexibility, excitement, and willingness to take on whatever responsibilities are best for you mean you consider us as possible tenants!




1,000 ft2

Suited For

Property Type
House, Apartment or Condo, Studio or Loft, Guest House

Tenant Timing

From June 14, 2020 until June 14, 2020

Estimated Duration

1 Day | My dates are flexible

Comments: We are so flexible-- if you have specific needs, please let us know and we can try to accommodate!

Desired Location

Burlington, Vermont, United States

Comments: Burlington, South Burlington, Charlotte, Shelburne, Hinesburg, Colchester, Winooski, Milton


  • Off Campus
  • Walk to Campus
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Countryside
  • Writer's Sanctuary
  • Historic Home
  • Architectural Gem
  • Near Ocean or Lake
  • Near Mountains
  • Near Woods
  • Near Restaurants
  • Near Shops

Tenant Budget and Terms

Minimum USD $1000 - Maximum USD $3000 Monthly

I do not need to have utilities included


I prefer a home suitable for young kids

I prefer smoking not allowed in the home

I would like a car if possible

House Sitting

I am willing to housesit

Yes, I can help with pets

Yes, I can help with mail and deliveries

Yes, I can help with plants or garden




Semi Furnished



High Speed Internet









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Who's Coming?

Party of
4 Adults

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About Me

I'm the mom in a family of four and a New York Times bestselling novelist. My husband is a history book editor and massage therapist (when there isn't a pandemic going on!). Our kids are 11 and 3 and we think they're really awesome. Our 11yo is an accomplished ballet dancer and artist and a straight A student. Our 3yo is delightful and weird and funny and smart. We love to travel but this pandemic is certainly putting a damper on things!


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