Former Diplomat - Holistic Healer - University Professor Seeks Home

Tenant Searching for a Place in Mill Valley, California, United States

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Looking for an Entire Home | Willing to Housesit
Monthly Budget: Minimum USD $1200 | Maximum USD $2200
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I am looking for a beautiful space - maybe a cottage in Fairfax, West Marin, Sebastopol, and around Berkeley in the East Bay. I'm open to other opportunities should it be the right fit. I'm looking to be near Mt. Tam, the Marin Headlands, mountains in the Sonoma area, as well as the ocean. About me: I left San Francisco when I was 18 - studying in Boston, across France, the UK, worked with a political party and danced flamenco in Spain before moving to the Republic of Georgia. After the Russians invaded Georgia I joined the Foreign Service and served in Latin America and then back to the Balkans. When I came back to San Francisco, I found it harder to find reasonable accommodations. I keep looking for a more permanent place to be. For now, I'm looking for a place to ground where I can search for some land to buy and build my dream house with my architect dad. I've been studying holistic, energy and vibrational healing after seeing so many traumatized souls in many post-conflict zones, be it from war or gang/guerrilla violence. I'm studying with healers from Colombia - the Elder Brothers. I started teaching yoga and meditation after seeing so much trauma in Bosnia/Sarajevo. It's present around the world in how we approach others and social cohesion (the field I have primarily worked in over the past few years). I am vegan, gluten free, sugar free. I like to garden, cook gourmet detox food (which am happy to share) - sometimes raw dishes. I do heart-based meditation and yoga. I have a pretty clean diet and live a quiet holistic lifestyle. I am seeking a space just for myself. Why you might want me to rent to me (or possibly house-sit, take care of your plants/pets)? I am learning to harmonize nature, my surroundings, myself - I have good credit, income from being a Foreign Service Officer - and hence a security clearance and clear records of all sorts. Money for me is a form of reciprocity - honoring the services and agreement you have for that purpose. Integrity and clear communications is important to me as is the ability to face yourself fearlessly. What I'm looking for? A situation where I can live near the redwoods, a lake, beautiful mountains near San Francisco, preferably organic or chemical free environment. Ideally the space is private (for energetic reasons), meaning **not sharing a house**, but a private cottage or guest house on someone's land would work. I ADORE animals and would love to help feed them, and take care of them for you while you are away. This includes cats, dogs and even horses. Major bonus points if it's horses, mustangs or ponies.




600 ft2

Suited For

Property Type

Tenant Timing

From August 31, 2020 until June 30, 2021

Estimated Duration

1 Day | My dates are flexible

Desired Location

Mill Valley, California, United States

Comments: trees, ocean, Marin, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Mill Valley, Tam Valley, Muir Beach,


  • Suburban
  • Countryside
  • Architectural Gem
  • Near Ocean or Lake
  • Near Mountains
  • Near Woods

Tenant Budget and Terms

Minimum USD $1200 - Maximum USD $2200 Monthly

I do not need to have utilities included


I prefer smoking not allowed in the home

House Sitting

I am willing to housesit

Yes, I can help with pets

Yes, I can help with mail and deliveries

Yes, I can help with plants or garden




Semi Furnished



High Speed Internet



Dedicated Parking

Temperature Control












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About Me

A former diplomat, peacebuilder, conflict expert, truth-seeker and bridge builder, Stephanie offers a rare perspective in international development – working from donor, NGO, indigenous, media and activist lenses through her diverse experiences. Her focus is on fostering human potential and creating solutions that mitigate dysfunction in society. Her Master’s work focused on the relationship between governments and its citizens in multicultural countries and human rights. Her diverse background includes working on public health, conflict mitigation, trauma and violence prevention, and building resilient communities in Latin America, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, Western Europe, Africa and Asia. A native of SF, Stephanie has designed reforms globally for better youth opportunities. Her interests are building a resilient Global South, poverty reduction, decolonization of global affairs, trauma healing. Her interest in teaching is to create change agents willing to question and look open-mindedly at current systems and approaches. She also is very engaged working in her native Bay Area with local and international tribes around indigenous wisdom and ecological degradation. She loves being in nature, cooking plant-based food, exercise, swimming, singing and connecting with humanity. She loves animals.


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