Searching for an occasional room or studio in Paris!

Tenant Searching for a Place in Paris, Île-de-France, France

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Looking for Private Space or Entire Home | Willing to Housesit
Weekly Budget: Maximum USD $300
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Hello! In October 2021, I will begin my PhD at Université de Paris. I currently live in Nantes, and intend to be based there and only travel to Paris for meetings, courses, and other occasions when my presence is required (the pandemic has shifted the way work is done and I will be conducting most of my research from my home in Nantes). I am therefore searching for a room or studio where I could sleep while I am there. Growing up my family used Sabbatical Homes often to find friendly people from the world of academia offering to help each other out, so I am giving it a try! I will not have to be there the entire month, so I would be open to the room/studio being rented while I am not there. I am open to sharing spaces, and as long as the place is close to a metro line I do not mind where in the city it is located. I am quiet, calm, and tidy, and am happy to house-sit or provide any other type of assistance with the house and chores. I am from Spain but also speak English, French, Portuguese and German, so feel free to contact in any language! I am happy to provide any additional information if needed. I can also offer home exchanges with Madrid and a small town in Segovia (Spain). Arrangements, price, and details are fully negotiable. Thank you very much in advance!




Suited For

Property Type
House, Apartment or Condo, Studio or Loft, Guest House

Tenant Timing

From October 1, 2021 until June 30, 2022

Estimated Duration

8 Months | My dates are flexible

Comments: I will only need to stay some days each month, maybe once or twice per week maximum

Desired Location

Paris, Île-de-France, France

Comments: Anywhere in the city that is close to a metro line is more than fine!


  • Near Public Transportation

Tenant Budget and Terms

Maximum USD $300 Weekly

I am fine with utilities included or not included

Comments: We could maybe come up with a days-per-month agreement, in which I pay per month according to the total days I've stayed. I am open to discuss!


I prefer smoking not allowed in the home

House Sitting

I am willing to housesit

Yes, I can help with pets

Yes, I can help with mail and deliveries

Yes, I can help with plants or garden

Comments: I am happy to cook, provide language exchange, and/or help with the house as needed!






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Who's Coming?

Party of
1 Adult

Member Background


English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese

About Me

I am from Madrid, but have lived in the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Colombia, and France! I have a Bachelor's degree in engineering and a Master's degree in Global Health. I currently work as a research assistant and I will be starting my PhD in the fall at Université de Paris. Growing up my family used SabbaticalHomes often and I am excited to become a part of the community. I am calm, responsible, and tidy, and I take good care of my living spaces. As my family is quite international, I can offer home exchanges in many cities and countries.


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