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Common Sense Advice

Many cities have enacted strict laws governing short-term housing. If you are listing a home for temporary stays, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the following regulations: zoning, homeowners' association rules, business permitting, safety & health code requirements, and taxes. You are responsible for recording and reporting all applicable taxes.

Privacy Policy

We pledge that all information provided to us on our web site will not be given, rented, sold or traded with any organization outside of SabbaticalHomes.com. We believe in a strong electronic privacy policy. You can choose the extent of personal information you would like to share on your profile and/or listing(s). Your email will only be revealed to whomever you choose to contact.

The purpose of SabbaticalHomes.com is to enable academics to form a circle of trust with people of high ethical standards to help with the ever-difficult task of finding trustworthy tenants and landlords.

Inquiries will be automatically forwarded to the advertising member’s email address unless we suspect a potential risk. The person making the inquiry will not know the member’s email address until a reply is sent. If an inquiry seems questionable or fraudulent, you are required to contact us.


SabbaticalHomes.com strives to keep the highest level of quality assurance but takes NO responsibility for any of the information posted in its database. It is entirely the responsibility of the parties involved to confirm all the details given here by whatever means they feel appropriate.

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Common Sense Advice

Before renting, subletting, exchanging, sitting, or sharing a home, we strongly advise that all parties conduct a thorough reference check. Never use Western Union money transfer or MoneyGram for sending money to any person who you do not know personally.

Landlords should obtain credit checks whenever possible. Even if a trustworthy relationship has been established, a signed lease to settle rental and home exchange agreements between parties should be considered. Landlords should check the provisions of their home insurance to make sure they are covered for any damages caused by a third party. Because real estate laws vary between areas, it is advisable to research one’s local government tenant-landlord law resources.