Home Exchanges around the Globe

Is a Home Swap Right for You?

More and more people are setting up home exchanges for pleasure travel, to immerse themselves in other cultures and locations and for their sabbatical or research housing. Home swaps can also be a great solution to minimize costs and don’t necessarily need to be simultaneous, either.

Home exchanges can be a win-win when looking for temporary housing, especially if you’d prefer not to leave your own home empty while you’re away. Staying in each other’s spaces increases peace of mind on both sides. Starting with a “chemistry check” conversation, checking references and agreeing to terms, homeowners often make lasting connections with fellow members they have swapped homes with. As the saying goes, “mi casa es su casa!”

Create a Home Exchange Listing

After you sign up as a SabbaticalHomes member, you can start creating your home exchange listing. Our step by step process guides you through describing your own home, how many people it can accommodate, where it’s located and the dates it will be available.

Continue adding detail about your home’s surroundings and features and any considerations such as how well (or not) your home is suited to young children and pets. Be sure to add information about house sitting; many people appreciate having guests help with mail, watering plants or other small tasks around the house during the stay. You can add a pet that may need care while you are away as well.

Now, for the fun part; adding your Exchange Details! You can include your preferred location as well as additional locations if you have some flexibility in your plans. You’ll provide some information about your ideal home size, how many people are traveling and if you have any needs related to child-friendly homes, pets, smoking preferences, allergies or would like to have use of a car. Finish up with a clear listing title and description and include up to 10 photos of your own home.

Other members will be able to see your home exchange listing on our website as soon as your annual listing fee is paid. Typically, home exchanges do not involve payments between members, but you’ll include your exchange terms regarding cleaning services and utilities while creating your listing. Learn more about our pricing here.

Listings are good for 12 months and can be renewed as many times as you wish. You can edit or change the visibility of your listing (Visible, Private or Hidden) at any time and as many times as you like during those 12 months.

Explore Home Swaps all over the World

You’ll find home exchange listings in countries all around the globe. While many are in cities with a high concentration of universities and colleges, you can also find a variety of homes to swap in smaller towns and in the countryside. Many academics and nature lovers post writing retreats and homes surrounded by natural features like rolling hillsides, the ocean, forest, mountains, lakes and more.

After you’ve selected your home exchange destination location, you can also add your home’s location to see other members who may be looking for a home like yours. You can use our search filters to narrow down specific things you are looking for in your temporary home. If you don’t see a home you fancy while searching, it may be out there but not listed yet; take the first step and post your own home and that homeowner may find you!

Anyone can search for home exchanges on SabbaticalHomes.com, but you must register as a member of our community and have your own home exchange listing to be able to contact other members. When you’ve signed up for your free account, you’ll also be able to do so much more: save search results and favorite homes for rent in My Favorites and keep track of your inquiries in your Messages dashboard.

For help or more information about SabbaticalHomes, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)