House Sitting: The Art of Helping Out for a Reduced Rental Rate

What does House Sitting Mean for You?

A distinctive feature of SabbaticalHomes is the ability to request or offer house sitting when creating a listing. House sitting is optional for those creating home or tenant listings, but can give homeowners peace of mind and can make traveling on a budget more enjoyable for guests.

House sitting is just another way our community of Minds on the Move is connected by personal touches that build trust between members. Free rent is rare, but most homeowners will offer reduced rates in exchange for your help. Once you register and start contacting other members who seem like they might be a good match, be sure to follow our guidelines of checking references before finalizing terms with each other.

Bringing in Mail or Packages

This is one of those easy but extremely helpful tasks that homeowners appreciate so much. Even if the homeowner has arranged for mail to be forwarded, there are sometimes packages and mail items that show up that need to be dealt with.

It is such a good feeling to know that someone is looking out for this type of thing when you’re away from home. And for tenants, it’s probably second nature to bring something in and let the homeowner know it’s there.

Helping with Plants, Garden or Yard

We always hear that one of the best parts of staying in homes arranged through SabbaticalHomes is that it feels comfortable and welcoming. That’s because they are real homes, with things like house plants, patios and yards!

Homeowners can specifically request tenants who are open to keeping their plants or garden watered and happy during the stay. And many tenants love the opportunity to have some green space to enjoy, even if it’s a small balcony with some potted plants and a little table to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Taking Care of Pets

For so many of our members, planning to be away from home for a few months or a year involves a lot of logistics, including care for pets that it might not be practical to bring. While it is so hard to think of being away from a pet for an extended time, it can be reassuring to know that your cat or dog or fish or lizard or bird is being cared for lovingly during your travels.

For some pets, it can be less stressful to be able to stay in the home they are accustomed to. Many guests who are used to taking care of their own pets welcome the opportunity to have a furry or feathered friend to keep them company during their stay.

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