Why do we have a Two-Part Pricing Structure?

We have two components to our pricing in order to maintain reasonable listing fees. The pricing structure consists of:

  • Annual Listing Fees (per Listing): Home Listing Fees start at USD $60 & Tenant Listing Fees start at USD $20

  • Made-a-Match Fees: USD $50 is due from each member for every match found using SabbaticalHomes

Rental payments between members are handled privately outside of the site. There are no additional fees, commissions or hidden service charges. Members who are verified academics are eligible for a lower pricing tier for Listing Fees. All fees are listed in U.S. dollars, but payable in multiple currencies.

We maintain reasonable fees because we feel it is important for scholars and like-minded individuals to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas. Our goal is to be transparent with everything we do, and we firmly believe in never monetizing our members’ personal information.

Annual Listing Fees

Listing fees are payable upfront for each listing and are good for 12 months. During this time, listings can be edited or made Visible, Private or Hidden as often as needed during the 12-month time period. We do not automatically renew your listings. You will receive reminders to renew prior to a listing’s expiration date.

It is free to register and create an account as well as to search listings on our website (although you must be registered to view people’s public profiles). As a potential tenant, you can contact someone who has posted a home listing once you have registered. As a host, you must post a home listing prior to contacting tenants or home exchange listings.

We have academic pricing and non-academic pricing. Academic pricing is dependent on a member submitting an email address that is associated with a school, museum or research institute. Alumni of a university do not qualify for our academic pricing. Scholars who are not currently affiliated with an academic organization (retired academics, for example) may sign up as Independent Scholars. Go to our FAQ for more specific information on your Academic Status.

Academic institutions and organizations are eligible to enter into a contract with SabbaticalHomes, which will enable the institutions’ employees or members to post listings at reduced rates or at no charge. Please contact us for more information. Made-a-Match Fees of USD $50 are due from both members for each match, please see below for details.

Real Estate Agents and Property Managers can create a limited number of listings on SabbaticalHomes at a higher listing fee per listing (USD $150 or the equivalent). Made-a-Match Fees of USD $50 are due from both members for each match as well.

Annual Fees Due for Each Listing

*Home Listings can be created as a Home Rental and/or a Home Exchange Listing for the same annual listing price.
Home Listing: Rental or Exchange* Tenant Listing
Currency Academic Non-Academic Academic Non-Academic
USD $60 $85 $20 $30
EUR €55 €80 €20 €30
GPB £50 £70 £15 £25
CAD $80 $115 $25 $40
AUD $90 $130 $25 $45
NZD $95 $135 $30 $50

Made-a-Match Fees

A Made-a-Match Fee of USD $50 or the equivalent is due each time you announce or confirm a match. A match is defined as finding a home or tenant using our site, after checking references and agreeing to a lease or contract with the other member.

Matches can be announced or confirmed either from the Matches dashboard or the Messages dashboard.

You will also earn Trust Points each time you announce or confirm a match, increasing your overall Trust Score and reflecting your strong connection to the SabbaticalHomes community.

Fees Due from Host and Guest for Each Match

Currency Amount
USD $50
EUR €45
GPB £40
CAD $70
AUD $80
NZD $80


You can make secure online payments for Listing Fees or Made-a-Match Fees by credit card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check for a listing, please select that option (your listing will be active and visible on SabbaticalHomes once we have received your payment and it has cleared).

For help or more information about SabbaticalHomes, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)