Trust Score

What is a Trust Score?

Since 2000, we have run SabbaticalHomes with a focus on providing a platform for academics to find reliable short term, medium term and long-term housing. A wonderful result is that we have a thriving community of connected, trustworthy people who treat each other with mutual respect.

Now, to make it even easier for our members to see how connected others are to the community, we have added a Trust Score near each member’s alias on public profiles and listings (to maintain privacy, we recommend using an alias on your public profile instead of your full name).

Trust Scores reflect each member's level of involvement. New members might have a score of 20 points or less. Longtime members who have announced multiple matches, written reviews and referred others would be expected to have a higher score (50 or more points). People can earn an unlimited amount of Trust Points on SabbaticalHomes.

Earning Trust Points

Think of your Trust Score as the first impression you make. You’ll earn Trust Points automatically in each area of the website, and you don’t have to do anything extra to claim your Trust Points. For example, you’ll earn points just by doing simple things like registering, completing your profile, and posting home or tenant listings. Writing personal references and inviting or referring new members are more ways to earn Trust Points.

Once you have registered, you’ll be able to contact other members and start looking for the right housing match. A match on SabbaticalHomes is when a member finds a home or tenant using our site, checks references, and moves forward with a lease or contract terms. Once you announce or confirm a match by paying a Made-a-Match Fee of USD $50 (or the equivalent), you’ll receive Trust Points. It’s helpful for other members to see that you have successfully arranged housing on SabbaticalHomes.

To help members see others fairly and transparently, we also award Trust Points for writing reviews. There are even additional Trust Points for receiving 4 or 5-star reviews!

Managing Trust Points

Every member has a Trust Score dashboard, so you can see how many Trust Points you have earned in each category. You will also be able to see ways you can earn more, with links to your Matches, References, Reviews dashboards and more.

If you have more questions about how Trust Scores work, how we have awarded Trust Points to longtime members or how to earn Trust Points going forward, please go to our Trust Score FAQ.

For help or more information about SabbaticalHomes, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)