Home Sharing: A Private Space in a Home is Easy to Find or Offer

Why Consider a Private Space?

Many SabbaticalHomes members prefer to share a home rather than renting an entire home. Whether it’s to earn a little extra income, enjoy some company, decrease your travel budget or live like a local, the experience can be mutually beneficial for homeowners and guests.

Once people experience this – especially with the type of mature and trustworthy tenants who are members of SabbaticalHomes – they enjoy sharing a home repeatedly and building relationships between members. Many also appreciate that this is an environmentally friendly housing option, utilizing existing homes.

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Host a Paying Guest in your Home

If you have some extra or unused private space in your home and enjoy the company of those who think for a living, you might have the perfect situation for home sharing. Be sure to add details to your listing so people can see if it’s a good fit for them: if there is an attached or private bathroom, if an office or area to work is included in the space for rent, and how you’d prefer to share the common spaces of the home.

When searching for a tenant, you can apply the “Private Space in a Home” filter to your search results to see tenants who are looking for a place to stay in your location. If you are interested in having a tenant help out with house sitting, you can apply those filters as well. Many hosts who know they need to travel periodically appreciate having someone stay who can help with a pet, mail or plants. This is similar to a co-living situation, but in this case one of the people is the homeowner.

Here are some suggestions of questions to ask your prospective tenant, along with the process of checking each other’s references.

Enjoy the Personal Connection of Home Sharing

It can be challenging to find reasonably priced temporary housing in many cities and near many universities. If you are planning for a sabbatical or research trip and need to be close to a university, home sharing can be the ideal solution. It can be extremely helpful in cities with a tight housing market or when relocating to decide what part of an area you enjoy the most.

Many people who create listings to rent a private space in their home are academics and scholars who thrive on conversations with their tenants in the shared kitchen, living room or dining room. You will be pleasantly surprised to find listings for bedrooms with private bathrooms, even some with a home office space.

Guests find they enjoy the connection with their hosts, and it’s always nice to have someone to ask for tips on good restaurants or coffee shops nearby.

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