Who We Are

The SabbaticalHomes Inspiration

When she created SabbaticalHomes.com in 2000, founder Nadege Conger envisioned the website as a way for scholars to arrange affordable housing and trustworthy tenants. As part of an academic family, she was inspired by the challenge of her own experience looking for reasonable housing for a sabbatical. She knew friends and associates in a similar situation.

Fast forward to today, SabbaticalHomes.com is still run by the founder and an independent team in Los Angeles. 2020 marks the 20th Anniversary of SabbaticalHomes. We are proud to celebrate that milestone with the launch of this new website, which includes new features that make it even easier for our community of Minds on the Move to use the website.

The SabbaticalHomes Team

Whether we’re on a video conference, communicating via email or actually meeting in person again one day, this nimble team is interconnected and focused on making SabbaticalHomes the best possible platform for our members. Founder Nadege Conger leads the charge, working every day with this talented and dedicated group to improve and maintain the website, provide tech support, respond to customer service questions, and manage our marketing, social media, newsletters and blog posts. Many thanks to our invaluable website development team at Thinklogic!

Over the years, we have worked hard to consistently deliver on our mission to help academics, scholars, writers, artists, and friends find home matches across the globe. It is always our pleasure to hear positive feedback from so many people who use our website. Explore testimonials from satisfied SabbaticalHomes members!

The SabbaticalHomes website team.
The People Behind SabbaticalHomes.

Moment of Gratitude & Remembrance

Our special thanks go to all of the people who have made SabbaticalHomes what it is today. Along with the dedicated team from Thinklogic, we also appreciate Constantin Philippou, Bonnie Ebner and Sara Pritzkat.

Constantin is a website developer and artist. After Nadege taught herself how to write code and created the first iteration of SabbaticalHomes in 2000, Constantin stepped in and took over the website development. The code he wrote was so good that much of it has lasted and supported the website for two decades. We are grateful for his brilliant solutions and tenacity over the years!

By training a photographer and artist, when Bonnie worked with us she handled all things graphic design, communication and blog related for many years. She is a true jack of all trades! While we miss working with Bonnie, we are thrilled that she is fulfilling her dream as a teacher and artist and wish her the best.

Sara was the calm and helpful voice of SabbaticalHomes customer support for many years. She took care of everyone who had a question, concern or issue. These past years, Sara insisted on working and helping people as she underwent her treatments, even when she was exhausted and ill. She said it helped her to have something to focus on rather than her health. Sara lost her courageous fight with cancer on 7/3/20, leaving a void in our hearts and that of her family and many friends. We are just grateful that we knew her and had her as part of the SabbaticalHomes team for the years we did.

The legacy SabbaticalHomes communications team.
The legacy SabbaticalHomes communications team: Sara Pritzkat, Nadege Conger, Bonnie Ebner
The legacy SabbaticalHomes website team.
The legacy SabbaticalHomes website team from Thinklogic.
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