What are Matches on SabbaticalHomes?

Matches are the other members you have made successful housing arrangements with, either as a host or tenant. Each time you find the right fit using our website, you’ll announce and confirm the match.

Finding the Ideal Tenant or Temporary Home

You will be able to search our database of thousands of listings of homes for rent, homes to exchange and tenants looking for a home. Customize your search with over 50 filters to narrow the search results down and start the process of finding the ideal match.

Making your own Arrangements

When you have found another member that seems like a good fit for your housing needs, you’ll both check references and create a contract outside of our platform. Payments between parties are made directly between members.

Like you, we value respect when communicating with others. Our members enjoy the independence to make their own temporary housing arrangements, and we provide help and resources to guide you if you have questions.


Announcing & Confirming Matches

Once all the housing arrangements are finalized, it’s time to announce the match! Some members prefer to wait until after their stay is complete to announce a match, but others like to take care of it before they travel.

When you announce or confirm a match, a Made-a-Match Fee of USD $50 or equivalent in your currency is due each time. This keeps our listing fees low and our services accessible for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas.

Earning Trust Points

Every time you announce or confirm a match or write a review about a match, you earn Trust Points. Writing reviews is also part of the matching process, as it helps others see how members interact with each other while making short term, medium term or longer term housing arrangements.

We created the Trust Score to help reflect how connected our members are to the SabbaticalHomes community. In addition to Trust Points, by announcing or confirming matches, you will also earn the Matched Member icon on your public profile and listings.

For help or more information about SabbaticalHomes, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)