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Casita Cañón - Adorable Private Suite & Garden

Goleta, California, United States
Rates from USD $2975 | Monthly

Guest House | Entire Home
Available Dates:
From May 1, 2024 until August 30, 2026


About this space Gorgeous space, attached to the main house but so private it feels like your own cottage in a cute neighborhood surrounded by local organic farms. Enclosed patio. Near beach/ocean/bluffs/foothills and UCSB. Hidden neighborhood in secluded canyon. Gorgeous renovated space in a cute neighborhood surrounded by local organic farms. A 2 minute drive to the beach and hills. A neighborhood park with kids play equipment is a one minute walk away. Safe and friendly neighborhood. You have your own private entrance and patio to your side of the house. Free driveway parking for one car. This space -- while technically connected to the rest of the house -- feels so private it is as though it is your own cottage hideaway. The main house will either be occupied by guests or by myself when I am in town. Notes regarding allergies: -- Cats live on the premises part-time and are sometime present in the house between rentals, but not during your stay. -- All linens are washed with organic, fragrance free, hypoallergenic products. -- There is a HEPA filter Guest access There is free street parking directly in front of the house. (The driveway area is for my private use.) Other things to note BEACH TAR: You may want few pairs of cheep socks to keep the tar from the beach off your feet. I have also left some baby oil and a scrubber brush inside the gate just in case you need to remove tar from your feet. TRASH/RECYCLING PICK-UP Trash is picked up up on Friday mornings. Your cans are the two smallish containers that are next to your gate. If you are saying on these days then please wheel the containers to the curb on Thursday evening and bring them back on Friday after pickup. Recycling is every other week -- I usually look to see if the neighbors have put out their blue cans. GARDENERS The gardeners usually come every other Saturday and will ring the doorbell on the gate before entering. HASKEL'S BEACH and BACARA RESTAURANTS AND SPA Bacara is adjacent to he public beach and they have good fish tacos and margaritas. There are several restaurants but a bit pricey. Just park in the public beach parking lot and not the valet at the main entrance and walk over. This beach has quite a lot of tar. There is a tar removal station at Bacara on the path between the pools and the beach. Or you can get the tar off your feet by using baby oil or cooking olive oil. I've left you some in the back patio: Just apply oil with a sponge or paper towel and brush feet first, then use soap and water from the outdoor hose to rinse it all away. FAUNA & FLORA PRECAUTIONS Eight Leggers: In this part of California we have both black widow spiders and brown widow spiders. I always do a spider check and spray or eliminate webs/spiders that I find but suggest you keep an eye out especially if you find a thick sticky web. They like to hide under things in dark places, mostly outside but occasionally inside (though my regular cleaners should keep them out). I suggest you take a look at photos online to familiarize yourselves. These spiders are very shy, prefer to hide and are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. They have fairly big bodies (if you can call them that) so pretty easy to recognize. We also have lots of friendly spiders like daddy long legs who like to hang out in daylight on ceilings and are not a problem. I have spider spray under the sink (it is foamy). Four Leggers: There are coyotes nearby and they are occasional spotted in the neighborhood. I enjoy hearing them sing at night. Raccoons and skunks will occasionally come into the yard as will some neighborhood cats. CHECK OUT: Please leave the place in clean condition: wash any dirty dishes, throw trash and recycling into the outdoor containers and make sure any wet towels, etc. are hung up (not on the floor) . If any items have been lost or damaged please let me know. And don't forget to lock the doors on the way out.




500 ft2

Suited For

Property Type
Guest House


From May 1, 2024 until August 30, 2026

Minimum Stay

30 Days | Dates are flexible for this listing


Guest House in Goleta, California, United States

Closest University

University of California, Santa Barbara

Nearby Universities
Santa Barbara City College | Westmont College | Antioch University Santa Barbara

Winchester Canyon

Nearby Cities

Santa Barbara | Goleta | Montecito | Santa Ynez | Isla Vista

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  • Countryside
  • Writer's Sanctuary
  • Near Ocean or Lake
  • Near Mountains
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Rental Rates and Terms

Rates from USD $2975 Monthly

Utilities are included

A cleaning service is included


The home is suitable for young kids

Ask about bringing pets

Smoking is not allowed

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Dedicated Parking


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Art Studio


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