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Oseki Farm combines uniquely African wild nature and modern Citylife

Ongata Rongai, Nairobi County, Kenya
Rates from USD $350 | Weekly

Guest House | Entire Home | House Sitting Negotiable
Available Dates:
From May 1, 2024 until February 28, 2025


In 1990, at the request of Kenyan parents, I came to Kenya to found the first Waldorf school in Equatorial Africa. I stayed because of the children we adopted and the land we bought, landscaped and farmed, Oseki Farm. At night we hear the lions growling and during the day we see zebras, giraffes and antelopes - African magic to this day. I spent 2001 to 2020 in Germany and raised my children. My daughter, grandchild and I returned to Oseki Farm in 2020 to make our dream come true. Meanhwile Oseki Residence and Farm offers 6 residential units of different sizes and designs on 3 hectares of land for long-term rental or on a temporary basis. The proceeds will be used to build a permaculture farm and create ecological infrastructure such as rainwater collection, storage and irrigation. Small animals and a playground for children complement the colorful coexistence for the benefit of everyone. The community of nature lovers, home office workers and artists right next to Nairobi National Park respects the privacy of each individual. We live freely and discreetly in close proximity to the wild animals of Africa. A refreshing experience: We offer an opportunity to gain new impressions and immerse yourself in a completely different, rich and fascinating culture that contains many aspectsthat have been lost in our western culture. All this in a simple environment without sacrificing the essential comfort and security of our usual standard of living. What to expect Hospitality and Support A warm Kenyan team and a German hostess welcome you to our little paradise and show you the local conditions.. Let your soul dangle - completely private You have your own privacy, you run your own household and you can use all kinds of services depending on your wishes and needs. Community and connectedness You are part of a colorful community of employees, other short-term guests and long-term tenants who are happy to share activities with you. Pleasant climatic conditions – Sitting 1600m above sea level, Nairobi enjoys mostly sunny, warm days and pleasantly cool nights despite its proximity to the equator. The cradle of humanity and today Being surrounded by African nature and magic and yet close to the East African metropolis with all the advantages and offers of a big city. Country and people All kinds of excursions, hikes and safaris can be organized with our partners. Kenya's magical coast is a 1 hour flight or 6 hour train ride away. Social impact You can visit social projects such as community schools in the slums through us and, in consultation with us, get involved there in a meaningful way. Contribution Your skills are very welcome at Oseki farm according to your wishes and possibilities. What we wish for and from you Understanding when there is a temporary power or water failure, a heavy downpour temporarily floods the street or the drought covers your hair with dust. Respect and kind words to our always helpful staff, taxi drivers, police officers, shop assistants, bank clerks and anyone who does not assist us in western style and pace. Patience if you are stuck in unbearable traffic jams, overpay when bargaining, information is contradictory and yet you haven't come across any wild animals ;-) That Africa and its magic embraces and energizes you, and countless unforgettable moments make the stay unforgettable.




125 m2

Suited For

Property Type
Guest House


From May 1, 2024 until February 28, 2025

Minimum Stay

1 Week | Dates are flexible for this listing

Comments: We offer deals from a week to a year or longer. More rooms can be added. Oseki Farm is ideal for nature study, walks and safe and personal contact with our Kenyan community. Any contribution to our farm and residence is also welcome.


Guest House in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi County, Kenya

Closest University

Africa Nazarene University

Nearby Universities
Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Karen | Multi Media University | Katholische Universität von Ostafrika
Nearby Cities


Comments: We are located on the southern edge of Nairobi National Park and enjoy views of the city skyline while still being surrounded by pure African nature with all wildlife. A small permaculture farm is being built here, integrated into a cozy residence.

Explore the Area


  • Off Campus
  • Walk to Campus
  • Bike to Campus
  • Countryside
  • Near Park
  • Near Neighborhood School

Rental Rates and Terms

Rates from USD $350 Weekly | Negotiable

The cost of utilities can be discussed

A cleaning service can be discussed


The home is suitable for young kids

Ask about bringing pets

Smoking is allowed

Ask about the availability of a car

House Sitting

I may need help while I am away

I may need help with plants or garden

Landscaping and Permaculture is our passion but we are not professionals. Input is always most welcome.

Comments: Please check also our website:









Dedicated Parking









Comments: We offer home-grown organic vegetables, complemented by weekly delivered produces from an organic farm. We have a children's playground, party areas and accommodate small farm animals. You can hike across serene grassland and use nearby pools.


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