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Bookworm/Book Author/Unapologetic Bookaholic Loves House/Pet Sitting

Tenant Looking for a Home in Destin, FL, United States
Monthly Budget: Maximum USD $700

Looking for an Entire Home | Willing to Housesit
Tenant Timing: From September 25, 2023


Hi! I am a former educator and currently an editor and owner of my own freelance business, Ruthless Red Pen, who works remotely for my clients. I have been a pet sitter with Trusted Housesitters since December 2016, when I began sitting for families during school vacations while I was a public high school English teacher in Carrollton, Texas. Since then, I have pet sat for dozens of families nationwide, from California on the west coast to Austin in the south, on the east coast in New Jersey and New York, and as far north as Toronto. I become quite attached to the pets I sit with; some of them I think about and wonder how they are doing years and years later. I have always loved to travel, and I have found that new locales help my writing tremendously. (My one book so far is a nonfiction math history/biography of the 13th-century mathematician Leonardo Pisano, who is known today as Fibonacci.) When I pet sit for several families here in the DFW area, they pay me $65/night. It is a win-win situation for all of us, for they travel without worrying about their homes and pets and I earn a little money to offset the cost of my gas and time taking care of their pets (it is much less expensive than boarding them, too). If you are willing to accept my care-taking as payment for being a temporary tenant in your home, I would appreciate it very much. I am happy to supply references and answer any questions you may have and would very much appreciate your considering me for your pet sitting/house sitting.




Suited For

Property Type
House, Apartment or Condo, Studio or Loft, Guest House

Tenant Timing

From September 25, 2023

Estimated Duration

6 Months | My dates are flexible

Comments: Flexible start and end dates, but especially the end date.

Desired Location

Destin, FL, United States

Nearby Cities

Birmingham | Jacksonville | Atlanta | Savannah

Explore the Area


  • Near Restaurants

Tenant Budget and Terms

Maximum USD $700 Monthly

I am fine with utilities included or not included

I am fine with or without a cleaning service

Comments: I have not watched TV or cable in 17 years, for I prefer to read, research, and write in my leisure time, so I do not need any of the cable services, but my work does require dependable wifi/internet.


I prefer smoking not allowed in the home

House Sitting

I am willing to housesit

Yes, I can help with pets

I have had many dogs but right now I only have a sweet Tabby named Hannah who stays with my daughter when I pet sit. Hannah is 18; she is calm and quiet, like my daughter and me.

Yes, I can help with mail and deliveries

I am happy to collect mail and deliveries while you are away, storing them where and in the manner you prefer.

Yes, I can help with plants or garden

I enjoy watering (and even occasionally talking to) houseplants and have tended flower and vegetable gardens.

Comments: I am a bookworm (once owned a Christian bookstore) and read all the time! I love to go for walks.





High Speed Internet


Comments: I never smoke, drink, or do drugs. My four children are all grown and I have five young grandchildren, so I travel alone.

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Who's Coming?

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1 Adult

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About Me

Shelley earned her Master’s in Secondary Education at S.M.U. and taught public high school English Language Arts students in Carrollton, Texas. In June 2018, Shelley resigned from teaching and became a freelance copy editor and writer. In addition to editing books, articles, web content, and myriad other documents, Shelley has written articles and various other manuscripts for businesses, nonprofits, individuals, and entrepreneurs worldwide. She has also written a biography of Leonardo Pisano (aka Fibonacci), the 13th-century mathematician, which is titled "Master Fibonacci: The Man Who Changed Math."


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Trust Score (9)
Independent Scholar or Retired Academic

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Member Since 2023

Trust Score (9)
Independent Scholar or Retired Academic
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