Don't Have To Be Fancy

We're really grateful to the site. When we first learned that we were leaving on Sabbatical for a year, I checked out the site and thought all of the houses were much fancier and richer looking than ours, so I decided not to use it. I thought a combination of word of mouth and posters in various places would do the work. But it didn't. Just as I was giving up hope of renting our house to reliable tenants in time for our departure, a colleague suggested again that I check out SabbaticalHomes.com, and this time, aided by desperation and some fancying up I was working on in my house, I decided to list it. Within a couple of days, I had one serious inquiry, which didn't work out, and then, within a week, I found a great family to take care of our house while we're away. Thank you.


Claudia and Professor Sean Murphy


Bellingham, WA, USA


August 12, 2009

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