Found a House in New Zealand and Rented our House in Texas!

Our tenant is a graduate student in Nautical Archeology who is moving from Iowa to come to Texas A&M on a fellowship, along with his wife and their new baby. They'll stay in our house for six months while they look for a house to buy. (I wish I had known about SabbaticalHomes.com when we moved to College Station. We rented a house for a year while looking for a house to buy and ended up finding a house after six months and having to sublet our leased house--it was a lot of trouble!) My husband will be spending his sabbatical at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and we were able to find a very nice house for a reasonable price on Waiheke Island, which is a 20-minute ferry ride away from Auckland. We decided we wanted to live on Waiheke Island after talking to one of my husband's colleagues who lives there. I was delighted to find several listings for houses there on your website. I'm sure we would never have found that house or rented our own without SabbaticalHomes.com. Thanks very much!


Luisa Deckard, Associate Director


Texas A&M University | College Station, TX, USA


June 1, 2009

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