Home Rental: Find or offer sabbatical homes for rent and holiday rentals worldwide for your sabbatical leave or vacation.

For Homeowners:

Whether you are traveling for sabbatical, research, or holiday— finding a reliable tenant provides unparalleled peace of mind. SabbaticalHomes.com is your resource to find responsible tenants worldwide who will pay reasonable rent while you are away.

Getting started is quick and easy. First, register with SabbaticalHomes.com. Then, post your home offered listing. Be sure to include pertinent information on your listing. A catchy title, good description, accurate dates, and great photos go a long way. Potential tenants will be able to contact you as soon as your listing is posted and listing fee is paid. If you would like to get a head start finding the perfect tenant, review our tenant listings.

Choose one or more option— Home Rental, Home Exchange, Home Sitting, or Home Sharing— and post your listing today!

For Potential Tenants:

Anyone can search for home rentals on SabbaticalHomes.com. Registering as a member of our community allows you to save search results, create a list of favorites, keep track of queries, and much more.

We offer home rentals worldwide. If you are searching for a specific location, consider creating a tenant listing for yourself.

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We offer low annual listing fees because we feel it's important for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas.

Posting a home offered listing is US$45 for academics (US$65 for non-academics). It is free for academics to post a home wanted listing (US$20 for non-academics). Listings remain active for up to 12 months, can be updated at any time, and are renewable. We accept payments in many currencies.

Made-a-Match fees of $50 are due each time you find a home or tenant using our site. These fees allow us to maintain our low listing fees and to keep our website free of advertising.

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