Tenant Listings

Why is SabbaticalHomes Distinctive?

There are many unique features of our website, but having the ability to create your own tenant listing is one that is close to our hearts, making it even easier to find your next home away from home.

We understand that our community of like-minded academics, scholars and friends’ values independence and flexibility. That’s why, no matter if you are looking for a home or a guest, you have the power to propose and find exactly what you need.

As soon as you register for an account at no charge, you can contact home listings. Even better, you can create your own tenant listing with our reasonable Listing Fees. Homeowners may actually do a tenant search and find your listing even before they offer their home to the whole community.

When you find a home or tenant using our site, check references, and move forward with a lease, a Made-a-Match Fee of USD $50 (or the equivalent) is due from you and the other member.

Post a Tenant Listing

Are you planning to travel during time off, for a research project or going on sabbatical? Or maybe you are relocating or looking for a temporary home before you buy or find something more permanent.

Get started finding your next home away from home by creating a tenant listing on our website. You’ll choose your destination city; be sure to include Nearby Cities and Nearby Universities close to your ideal location. Add your date range, estimated duration and note if your dates are flexible.

You’ll select the property type and size of home you’d prefer to stay in: house, apartment/condo, studio/loft or guest house. Many of our listings are furnished home rentals, making it easy to get settled quickly once you arrive. Take the opportunity to create your wish list! Looking for a writing retreat near the woods or an urban loft near restaurants, or maybe something in between?

You will always have the option to make your tenant listing Visible, Hidden from the Public or Private (to share it only with people you choose). Only members who have posted a home listing will be able to contact you through the website.

House Sitting Arrangements

House sitting is always an option when creating a tenant listing on SabbaticalHomes. If you are interested in helping out with house sitting tasks during your stay, add that to your listing. Common ways to help out are taking care of house plants, mail or pets.

Some homeowners will consider a slight decrease in rental rates if a guest is willing to help out with house sitting, but the majority of the time some rental payments are still required.

Explore SabbaticalHomes Listings Around the World

Find the ideal place to rent by searching home listings on SabbaticalHomes. Many homeowners on our website are looking for tenants in cities near universities, and you’ll find a variety of options worldwide, whether you’re looking for an entire home for rent or a private space within a home. Search home listings to find your next home away from home!

For help or more information about SabbaticalHomes, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)