Home Rental and Home Exchange Listings

What makes SabbaticalHomes Unique?

The community of Minds on the Move that we serve sets us apart. We understand that the types of housing arrangements our community needs are as varied as our members’ extraordinary lives. We provide the platform to let you propose and find exactly what you need in a home or tenant.

Find the ideal housing solution if you are planning remote work, research, a post-doctoral appointment, fellowship, retreat, sabbatical, relocation or vacation.

Once you’ve registered for a free account, you can start posting listings. When you create a home listing for any length of stay, there is one annual Listing Fee per home (whether you offer your home for rent, exchange or both).

When you find a home or tenant using our site, check references, and finalize arrangements, a Made-a-Match Fee of USD $50 (or the equivalent) is due from both homeowner and tenant. You will earn Trust Points towards your overall Trust Score. Get started today!

Post a Home for Rent

Create your unique home rental listing to find the ideal guest within our trusted community. When you post a home for rent, you’ll have the option to rent your entire home or rent out a private space in your home. We are committed to your privacy so your exact home address will not be displayed.

You will also have the option to make your listing Visible, Private or Hidden. Visible listings can be seen by anyone on the website, Private listings can be shared by you with people you choose and Hidden listings can only be seen by you (perfect for when your home is no longer available for rent or swap). You can adjust your listing visibility at any time and as many times as you like.

Most listings are available furnished to make it easy for guests looking for a temporary home. You can include the minimum length stay and multiple date ranges if you have some flexibility. Creating a great home rental listing is an easy step-by-step process.

Note: Most home listings on our site are posted by individuals, but realtors and other commercial entities like property managers are able to post a limited quantity of listings for a higher annual listing fee.

Post a Home to Exchange

Finding the perfect home exchange can be a win-win for everyone involved. Homeowners have peace of mind knowing their home will be well cared for while also staying in a comfortable and welcoming place during their travels. Members often make lasting connections with fellow academics through the exchange process, since it requires a level of trust to stay in another person’s home.

When you create your home exchange listing, you’ll describe your own home, its location, special features and any house-sitting tasks you’d like help with. Then, add in what you are looking for in a home away from home, including up to three possible destinations and/or if you are open to any destination. You’ll note your ideal home size and how many people are traveling with you. The more details you include, the easier it will be to find the right home exchange match.

It’s easiest to find a compatible home exchange when you’ve included more detail while creating the listing. As you start messaging with other members about the exchange, here are some communication tips when discussing the details.

House Sitting Arrangements

House sitting is always an option when creating a home rental or home exchange listing on SabbaticalHomes. Sometimes, having a guest taking care of a loved pet (who may not be inclined to enjoy travel) will give you peace of mind.

It can also reduce stress knowing the basics of your household are being taken care of: things like forwarding the mail, watering house plants or coordinating small repairs with a trusted handyman. When creating a home listing, there is a dedicated section for house sitting tasks, with space for specific requests.

Searching for a Home

With thousands of listings in countries around the world, you can search home rentals or home exchanges to see what is available now. Many members are looking for tenants or temporary homes to rent or swap, especially in cities near universities and colleges.

When you have your search results, add over 50 filters to narrow down the list and start exploring the homes that really seem like a good fit. You can also save searches and individual listings in My Favorites to access at any point in the future.

When you are a registered member with a home rental listing, you can also search our database of tenant listings and contact tenants to propose your home listing to them right away. If you don’t find the perfect tenant listing, they will find you when searching for a home.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

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