Some owners prefer to rent to academics on sabbatical through SabbaticalHomes.com

In a very tight rental market, we found a very good place through sabbaticalHomes.com (we came from New York, our sabbatical is in Melbourne). We couldn't commit to taking the place over the net, but the owner held it for us until we arrived and had a chance to see it! My colleagues in the new city told me it would take two weeks to find a place here, but it took two days because we had already lined things up in advance. It turns out that in addition to other advantages of this service, there are some owners who really prefer to rent to academics on sabbatical, so you can find places that people in the local market don't have access to because they haven't been advertised locally. It worked out great for us.


Professor A. S.


Columbia University | New York, NY, USA


August 8, 2007

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