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I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is a special way for me to advertise and I appreciate it very much. I don’t get heaps of responses, but the thing is I seem to be one of few from my area advertising on SabbaticalHomes. So as a result, I believe I reach very quickly the people that look for a home in my area, and they have the opportunity to look at it and see exactly what they can get. I get to reach those that want a home like mine so it is a great way to reach the kind of people I would like to have living in my home. I have had friends ask me where I advertise and why and they have been very interested. I believe I have an advantage over people living in bigger cities with your website, so I am grateful for this. It is a lovely way to share my city and my home and, at the same time, receive an income to support me whilst I take off and travel to other parts of the world! I feel very strongly that most of the people who enquire via SabbaticalHomes are genuine and responsible. At the moment, I have the second family of such enquiries living in my home, and it had been an easy experience. It is very nice to deal with people that have something in common like the desire to travel and educate and learn. So thank you for the experience. It has been a very positive, enlightening one.


Kirstie Peddersen


Perth, Australia


February 27, 2011

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