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From academics seeking homes near universities to scholars searching for home exchanges and swaps worldwide, our members have successfully found temporary housing for their sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, and time-off travel. The integrity of our members forms a distinct community built on relationships and trust.

We would be happy to see them again.
A lovely couple of Academics from Canberra came and stayed through December and January. They love London: combining research work with museum visits and sampling cafes and restaurants. They were very appreciative of the flat, leaving it in good order. We would be happy to see them... View full testimonial
Rea Maragno
| London, England 2/17/2017
We are glad that this website exists
It was a student from McGill that did not want to take it at first because he found my condo "too cozy". It was the best refusal I have had, or a compliment, not sure what it was. Then, he thought about it more and decided to come back and rent it and now his family is moving in for... View full testimonial
Janice Tester
McGill University
| Montreal, PQ, Canada 2/15/2017
Exactly the time we shall be away
It took some months, but I was eventually contacted by an academic from Berlin who wants to come for exactly the time we shall be away. Many thanks.
Mike Hanne
The University of Auckland
| Auckland, New Zealand 2/14/2017
Pleased with the Agreement
I found a match for the last six months and both tenants and owner were pleased with the agreement. I hope my renewing the offer will be as successful and will attract interesting people happy to live in this wonderful nest of mine!
Helene des Rosiers
| Boulder, CO, USA 2/10/2017
Sharing the House
I am very happy to have found SabbaticalHomes.com! I listed a place in my home for the 1st time; the customer service was extremely helpful and supportive with any questions I had; and the 1st tenant currently sharing the house with me is a more lucky match than I could have imagined. So, I am all around very happy with... View full testimonial
Katherine (alias)
| Chicago, IL, USA 2/4/2017
I am Cynthia and I work in Education. I send French children to Summer camps and Enrichment programs in the US and in the UK. I have an apartment in Paris and I rent it often to SabbaticcalHomes members because they are trustworthy.
Cynthia Lecerf
Turner Learning Center
| Paris, France 2/1/2017