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From academics seeking homes near universities to scholars searching for home exchanges and swaps worldwide, our members have successfully found temporary housing for their sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, and time-off travel. The integrity of our members forms a distinct community built on relationships and trust.

Landing pad
We've enjoyed so many wonderful guests throughout the years. Many feel like part of the family. We're honored to be their beloved landing pad while in Berkeley! THANK YOU
Lisa Onodera
| Berkeley, CA, USA 10/15/2018
Found what promises to be extremely nice responsible tenants.
Fernanda Eberstadt
| London. England 10/7/2018
A local friend inspected the house
Happy to have made a match with a professional couple from Ontario who wish to winter in Victoria. Communicated by Skype and a local friend inspected the house. I do hope they enjoy their stay for 3 months in 2019.
| Victoria, BC, Canada 10/2/2018
Academic visitors
Thank you to SabbaticalHomes for sending me two new lovely tenants, this time an art history professor and a poet. It is a pleasure for me to provide a home for academic visitors to San Francisco and share with them the vibrant life of the City and the Bay Area.
Emeritus Professor of Medicine San Francisco
UC San Francisco
| San Francisco, CA, USA 9/25/2018
Research at Harvard School of Public Health
Our experience with Sabbaticalhomes.com was wonderful; we felt very secure throughout the whole process, and we spoke with some lovely people. Our tenants are indeed academics: a family from Norway relocating to Boston for 6 months for the mother's MD/PhD research at Harvard School of... View full testimonial
Hilary Dobel and Professor Jonathan Ullman
Northeastern University
| Brookline, MA, USA 9/21/2018
Lovely people
We have found two matches so far in Minneapolis. We stayed twice in a lovely duplex right on Lake Calhoun, and are now taking care of a house in the Lowry Hill area for a year. Both home owners are lovely people that we enjoyed meeting.
Ellen Wright
| Ashland, OR. USA 9/19/2018
Only on SabbaticalHomes.com
Only on SabbaticalHomes.com we could find offers accepting tenancy for only four months. Thank you for your work and efforts to provide this service.
Quirin Schweigert, Graduate Student
Technical University Munich
| Munich, Germany 9/16/2018
Very pleased
A delightful young couple from England are renting our house for several months. We are very pleased with the match.
Lesley Grant
| Toronto, ON, Canada 9/10/2018