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From academics seeking homes near universities to scholars searching for home exchanges and swaps worldwide, our members have successfully found temporary housing for their sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, and time-off travel. The integrity of our members forms a distinct community built on relationships and trust.

Absolutely Great!
We will rent our Family home to another Family which is absolutely great!
Sandra and Wolfram Bäurle
| Berlin, Germany 4/19/2018
Two-semester guests and a home in London
The same day we posted our house, we were contacted by a wonderful family. Within a week, we had arranged for a two-semester rental. I should also mention that we found a terrific two-semester rental in London last month thanks to the site.
Professor Michael Robertson
The College of New Jersey
| Ewing, NJ, USA 4/9/2018
Two bookings to fill our whole five-month period came quickly when we lowered the price. Delighted, and many thanks for your wonderful service, Prue.
Dr. Prue Chamberlayne
| London, England 3/30/2018
Each Summer
We have found a match to rent our home in Vancouver this Summer; a family from England. We have had good experiences meeting families from different countries through your web site, each Summer, for a good number of years now. Thank you, we are delighted one more time.
Philippe Barois
Stratford Hall - UBC
| Vancouver, BC, Canada 3/29/2018
Staff at UCSC
My tenant is staff at UCSC. Housing is horrible in Santa Cruz and he is currently in temporary housing so this is really helpful for him while he looks for a more permanent place. I've recommended your site to a number of colleagues. Thanks so much!
Professor Amy Mihyang Ginther
University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)
| Santa Cruz, CA, USA 3/26/2018
Only SabbaticalHomes
I use only SabbaticalHomes.com because I want scholars only in my flat. Thus far I was fortunate to have two matches, each per year.
Dr. Bernardo Picichè
Virginia Commonwealth University
| Richmond, VA, USA 3/26/2018
Fellowship in San Francisco
Found a match with someone from Italy doing a summer fellowship here in the Bay Area.
William Claflin
| San Francisco, CA, USA 3/26/2018
Good Tenants and Neighbors
We live in a 2 family house close to Harvard University, and rent out our downstairs apartment. In the fall of 2017 we had wonderful tenants through SabbaticalHomes.com, an Italian professor and her son (visiting professor at Harvard). And in 2019, we will host a Norwegian professor and... View full testimonial
Kjersti Rosen
| Cambridge, MA, USA 3/26/2018