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From academics seeking homes near universities to scholars searching for home exchanges and swaps worldwide, our members have successfully found temporary housing for their sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, and time-off travel. The integrity of our members forms a distinct community built on relationships and trust.

Lovely stories.
My current sabbatical homes guests, a couple from Sydney temporarily relocating to London for work, so appreciate the flat, its location and amenities that they have asked to stay on for a further term.
Rea Maragno
| London, England 8/18/2019
Transition Housing
My home is being rented by an Arizona Sate University professor who had been on sabbatical and had rented her home for several months. The professor had to return to Tempe early, however, and needed transition housing for 3-4 months before her home becomes available to her.
Professor Ted Gerarden
| Tempe, AZ, USA 8/18/2019
Respectful of our Space
I have two tenants coming in, one from Norway and another from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were both easy and pleasant to work with. It was great having the peace of mind that SabbaticalHomes.com provides .... It also provides a great pool of potential people that we can trust will be respectful of our space. And it's helping to... View full testimonial
Professor Nancy Taylor Porter
| Chicago, Il, USA 8/14/2019
What I love about tenants that are referred by SabbaticalHomes is that by definition, they are educated. That is comfortable for me. Thank you SabbaticalHomes.com!
Dan Thibault
| Montreal, Quebec, Canada 8/13/2019