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From academics seeking homes near universities to scholars searching for home exchanges and swaps worldwide, our members have successfully found temporary housing for their sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, and time-off travel. The integrity of our members forms a distinct community built on relationships and trust.

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We are so happy with SabbaticalHomes. We tell people how we rent out our house in order to afford to travel and many people are intrigued but many are also reluctant. They always ask “what about your personal things, don’t you worry?” So far we have been very fortunate to never have had anything bad happen during one of our... View full testimonial
Janet Swanson
| San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 1/20/2017
A wonderful resource.
A wonderful resource. Have consistently rented my home since 2009. Always received great clients. Keep up your great service. Thank you.
Maria Nagle
| Dublin, Ireland 1/16/2017
Thank you!
It's so wonderful to feel relaxed about the calibre of people applying. You feel you can get to know them by looking at the University web sites, with their biographical and research history. This is my fourth use of the site and I feel very grateful for it. Thank you!
Christine Hill
| Auckland, New Zealand 1/9/2017
It works really well!
We found a lovely family from Japan for our home, who have been enjoying living there. Now we are looking for our next tenants. Thanks for the site, it works really well!
Hartmut and Sophie Fuenfgeld
| Melbourne, Australia 1/5/2017
A lovely French family
We found an academic, a lovely French family. The dad had an appointment at Berkeley. It has been a very nice experience. We were fortunate to have met them before they moved in and they left our home in wonderful condition for our return. Happy New Year to you.
Susan Kahn
| San Francisco, CA, USA 1/4/2017
Academic families from across the globe
Living blocks from Harvard University, Sabbatical Homes was very helpful in allowing us to connect with wonderful academic families from across the globe who were searching for a rental while visiting Harvard for a semester or two.
Anne Greenwood
| Cambridge, MA, USA 1/3/2017